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Lane Realty© was established in 2008 with their sole purpose to provide clients with the INFORMATION they need to make informed business decisions about what is almost always the single largest investment the average family in Sacramento or Placer County will make: their home. Many don't understand the basics of the broker/client relationship; it is an AGENCY relationship. Realtors have such a reputation for manipulating the client to his or her advantage, rather than informing the client and letting the client make all proprietary decisions, that the agency relationship has almost been forgotten.

At Lane© we will not induce sellers to lower their prices; we will help inform the seller of what the market may bare. We will not leave buyers or sellers with questions about what they're doing. We will guide short sellers to as successful a recovery as is possible (within the boundaries of the given lender). Some short sellers will come out next year nearly unscathed, with almost no credit impact, and some short sale buyers will walk away with some profoundly good values. And many in non-short positions are trading up in this weak market to larger or more affordable homes. Prudent investers will focus on making the right moves at the right times. At Lane © we will help you do this.

Michael McGehee started Lane© with the specific purpose of offering value and empowering real estate investors. We are as committed to your success as you are.